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Live Peacefully With Your Housemates - Read Glide Bills Reviews

August 24, 2015
When you first leave home, whether it is to attend university or to take up a great job offer in a different town or city, one of the options you may have to consider in order to make housing costs affordable is to share a house or apartment with others who you may or may not know.

If you end up sharing with relative, or absolute, strangers, then you will have to be particularly careful when it comes to deciding who is responsible for paying the bills and for ensuring that everyone pays their fair share.

Number one expense will almost certainly be, of course, the rent itself. with even quite modest properties in London costing up to £3,000 per month in rentals, sharing is almost inevitable and you will have to be extra vigilant with the other costs such as electricity bills, gas bills, broadband, water rates and so on.

In order to help with this, many landlords offer "bills inclusive rent" which is, as the name suggests, a rent that includes all of the bills as well. If this option is available to you then it is almost certainly a good idea - you just pay one monthly amount and everything is covered - although you should check to make sure that  everything is, in fact, included. For example, does it include the TV license - an expense that is ofren overlooked with expensive consequences.

If the landlord does not offer this facility you may have to sort it out yourself with the other tenants - who you may not know and will not be aware of how trustworthy they are. How do you formalise such an agreement? How can you be sure that everyone will pay their fair share and what can you do if one, or more, of them doesn't?

These uncertainties can be more than just one more thing to worry about when you need to concetrate on that new course or job - it can result in you having to pay not jus your share of the bills but those of your flatmates or housemates as well.

So what can you do to help this problem to go away? The answer - read Glide Bills Reviews to see exactly what can be done. 

Who, or what, are Glide Bills?

Glide bills are a service provided by a UK utilitiy company, based in birmingham, called Glide Utilities. Glide provides a formalised bill sharing service whereby they can combine all of your household bills and collect just one simple, equal, fair payment from you and your housemates individually - you are only responsible for your share, not anyone elses.

Does it work? The Glide Bills Reviews say it all.

Thousands of multiple occupancy households use Glide Utilities to share the bills incurred by sharing a house or flat with others. Glide supplies the electricity, gas, water and so on and even arranges for broadband, TV license and other essentials and divides them equally for ach of the tenants.

It's a fair way to organise something that could so easiliy fall into disarray and end up costing you more than just a headache.

Read Glide Bills Reviews and see for yourself - splitting the bills with Glide is easy so why not do it today?