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Great Job, Great Prospects But I Need Somewhere To Live

June 05, 2015
It's a familiar story, the job that you really want has been offered to you. You've done all the interviews, passed all the tests and now, in your hands, is a letter offering you that opportunity of a lifetime. Your career is finally on the move and you know that you will be able to grown in your new position.

There is, however, a problem!

The job that you wanted so much and which you have just been offered is based in a large town or city that is miles away from where you are living right now - probably still with your parents and at a very low or non-existant rent. Purchasing a property close to your new workplace is near to impossible due to the high costs of houses and flats in that area and the difficulty of obtaining a mortgage without a sizeable deposit - which you just don't have. 

The solution for many people who find themsleves in this situation is to share a property with others who are in a similar situatuion to themselves and many landlords in those locations are happy to allow such sharing to take place.

You will probably see advertisements for rooms which are available in shared accomodation and it's likely that you will visit quite a few before finding the one that seems right for you. It isn't just the physical accomodation that has to be right, of course, you also have to be convinced that you can bump along happily with the other occupants of the property - after all, you may be having to share a shower with them, but not at the same time, of course!

When you have found a property that you like you will usually have to convince the other inhabitants that you are fun to be with, clean and tidy and won't pinch their milk from the fridge. It all sounds very amicable on the surface but you should bear in mind that when sharing a house or flat with others, especially people who you do not know, the expenses involved in running that property can be quite considerable. There's the rent, of course, which you will be aware of and will have budgeted for but don't forget that you will also have to pay your share of the Electricity, Gas, Water, Telephone, Broadband and, not forgetting, the TV licence.

So how can you be sure that, when moving into the property that you have found, you will be paying a fair share of the bills and not liable to pay someone elses share if they leave without paying and cannot be found.

The answer is to be vigilant when first agreing to take the property. Always ask what the bill sharing agreement is and whether it is a formal written agreement that is binding on all parties. In particular, find out what happens if one or more of the people that you are sharing the house with does not pay their fair share. Would you and the other remaining tenants be liable for th full amount?

If no such agreement exists, or if it is just a "gentlemans agreement" and not legally binding, then you should seriously consider the kind of bill sharing services provided by Glide Utilities. Glide Bills are combined utiltiy bills and sometimes include rent as well if the landlord or property letting agents are agreeable.

The utility provider, Glide Utilities, works out each person's share and has a separate payment agreement with each of them. Everybody pays their fair share and no more. If someone does not pay then the others are not left liable for the unpaid shares - Glide will take up the matter of the unpaid Glide Bills with the non-paying tenant, not you.

There is an additional benefit in that glide source and combine all of the utilties that you require and get very attractive deals on the services that they provide due tot he volumes that thet handle. So there's no need to trawl comparison websites to find the best deal - Glide do it all for you are offer it to you in the form of simple, easy to follow, Glide Bills.

If this concept is new to you it would be a good idea to read a few Glide Bills Reviews and testimonials from some of the 40,000 plus people that we already provide with bill sharing agreements. There is lots of information on the Glide website and remember to ask your landlord if he offers Glide bills inclusive rent - if he/she doesn't then suggest that he/she looks into it as he/she would find the admiistration burden would be lower and there's the prospect of earning some commission too.